Sacred Mothers & Goddesses Oracle, 8/17/2021

EIRENE: Peace: Eirene is the Greek goddess of peace and the patroness of wealth and prosperity. She is often depicted with her infant son, Ploutos, the god of wealth. Eirene is one of Zeus’ daughters and one of the three Horae who presides over matters of peace, order, and justice, ensuring that only those with good hearts pass through the gates on Mount Olympus.

Her role as a goddess of peace is so significant that her name is the modern Greek word for peace — eirini. In Roman culture, she was known as Pax, the Latin word for peace. Eirene brings with her the energy of peace and prosperity for all.

Eirene’s Message: Breathe ease and harmony deep into your heart. Have trust; there is a reason for everything. The world as it stands is stressful and peace may be challenged every day by personal, work, and world events.

It is important to stay connected to Spirit, to focus heart and mind on harmonious thoughts with love as the center. Be aware of thoughts that take away your peace. You don’t have to know about everything going on in the world, nor do you have to shoulder all responsibilities. Learn to say no when too much is asked of you.

Strive to make life harmonious by choosing what you focus on. Work on any resistance you may have against accumulating wealth; know that wealth brings peace of mind. Your thought are powerful. Be mindful and self-aware; don’t let the attitudes and actions of others cause inner discord. Make time to sit in the stillness without distraction to cultivate peace from within.

Call On Eirene:

If you have anxiety, panic disorders, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

When you need help resolving a conflict.

When you need to disengage from a loop of negative thoughts.

To call forth wealth into your life for peace of mind.

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EMBRACE THE SACRED FEMININE: The powerful energy of the divine feminine, the Sacred Mother and Goddess is calling to connect with you. Love yourself deeply and radically. Live compassionately and fully. Connect to your intuition and your spirit, grounding deep into the earth. Allow yourself to be fully present, alive, tuned in and living in love.

Perhaps you have some resistance? Believe in and allow her energy to flow into your life. Deepen your practice by harnessing her power and walking in her path. It is time to move through the veil into other realms.

Embracing the Sacred Feminine:

What do you need to do more to nurture a closer connection with sacred feminine energy?

What should I focus my heart on to harness and honor it?

What gifts are offered by this energy to support me in moving forward?

Altar for the Sacred Feminine: Your altar can include anything that embodies the Goddess and her divine feminine energy. Create your altar with intention, staying focused on what this beautiful energy means to you. Use any color and item that makes it a beautiful offering to the Goddess.

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