Crystal Angels Oracle, 8/16/2021

SAPPHIRE: Easy Does It; Your health, happiness and abundance require a gentle approach to life and work.

The angels send you this card because you’ve been pushing yourself past your limits with multitasking, rushing against deadlines, and worrying about other people. You may have also overdone it socializing or partying in your nightlife. Now is the time to rest, and a good detox (or permanent abstinence) can help you recover your energy levels and health.

This card is also a reminder to stay in the present moment and tackle projects one step at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Perhaps you’ve been overly focused on the future, anticipating better times or worrying about what lies ahead. Or you may have bee consumed with past events. You are now guided to concentrate upon the here-and-now so that you can enjoy your life, even if your current circumstances aren’t ideal.

In addition, this can be a sign to retire from a strenuous job or give up a hobby you’ve outgrown, if it puts your physical or mental health at risk. Take it easy, and approach your life gently.

About Sapphire: This gemstone is in the same mineral family as ruby. While generally brilliant blue, sapphires can also be other colors as well (except for red, which is reserved for rubies). Sapphires are wonderful stone to meditate with, as they help quiet and calm your thoughts.

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LAPIS LAZULI: Life Changing Epiphany or Experience; It’s a time of big and blessed change for you and God is supporting you each step of the way.

Your life is about to change, with blessings supporting your progress in learning and growing. This card signals that you’re reaching a pivotal moment when you will make a life-changing decision.

You may also have an epiphany that seems to turn your life upside down. Perhaps you realize a truth about yourself, a relationship, your health, or your career. Facing turhts can be frightening, yet it’s also freeing.

Lapis Lazuli can also signal transformation on your spiritual path. You may return to core beliefs, connect with Mother Mary (who is associated with the color blue and lapis), or awaken your natural spiritual gifts.

About Lapis Lazuli: This highly sought-after royal blue crystal is actually composed of several other stones, including calcite and pyrite. It was crushed into powered pigment in ancient times to paint images of Mother Mary. Lapis can initiate spiritual insights and realizations and help you discern and understand Divine guidance.

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