Mother Mary Oracle, 7/30/2021

OUR LADY OF RADIANT GRACE: The descent of my grace changes everything. Your body, your mind and your soul are brought to life in new ways, and freedom opens up to you. Can you release your familiarity with, and attachment to, old ways of being? Can you release your expectation of enslavement and control? You are my child. When you place your trust in me, I allow no-one to harm you, no-thing to confine your spirit. You are free to live wildly and expansively. There shall be no prison for your soul, beloved of mine. Your soul shall be in love with the earth and fly free.

Like an animal that has been wounded and must learn to release aggression and distrust, in order to know love and tenderness, we too must learn how to trust again and again. The nature of modern culture is that it tries to kill the soul and break the spirit. We are pushed and prodded into fitting into stereotypes, humbled into believing we are not enough just as we are, and manipulated into believing that we must buy our way into status in order to have worth. The body is humiliated by comparisons and judgements, and the spirit is derided by beliefs that if you cannot see or touch it physically, then it isn’t real. You aren’t in the “real world” if you believe in spiritual matters, and you are delusional and naive if you aim to live from love rather than from scarcity, power games and fear.

This is part of the test of being human. We were born to rise above these humiliations and disparagements, to become stronger than them, wiser than them. In doing so, we help liberate others as well; showing the way, a more authentic and healing way, to live. We were born, not to fear our bodies and deny our spirits, but to love the earth and fly with the wings of the Holy Mother’s grace.

Even with powerful and marvelous wings upon our back, and the perfect current in the air through which to soar into freedom and exhilaration, if we do not trust enough to leap, all that comes to nothing.

To live our divine destiny, which is so much nobler, more compassionate, kind, emotionally rich, creative and rebellious than modern culture would have us believe, we need to trust. We need to trust that we are enough, and that we are worthy of receiving. This is not some misplaced sense of entitlement, or belief that the world owes us, or that the suffering of others only matters (if at all) when we have all our own needs met. The spiritual grace of the Holy Mother does not revolve around immature tantrums of thwarted egos! The ability to receive what this oracle speaks of requires the genuine, heart-centered realization that the Divine lives and breathes as us, and wants to come into full expression through all that we are, unique talents and quirky visions included.

For this trust to manifest, and for us to be freed from self-imposed prisons that would lock us into fearful doubt and confusion, we need the radiant grace of Our Lady. That radiant grace is sunlight cutting through clouds and illuminating the earth in golden light. That grace is the joyful gasp that erupts from your lips when you witness a spontaneous beautiful moment in the natural world. That is the grace that lifts us. We see that the door on the cage we once believed ourselves to be locked within, is actually not locked at all. That grace is the chutzpah we need to kick the door open and dare to step outside. It is the Divine Mother, standing on the other side of the unlocked cage door that we have just kicked open, beckoning us to join her. She stands there in a lush field of wild flowers, hair blowing in the wind, calling to us. She says, “Come here, beloved of mine. Step into this wild world with me. We have to much to share together, and with the rest of the world. Let’s go rattle some cages! Freedom awaits all my children.”

This oracle comes to you at a time when, whether you are conscious of it or not, a greater spiritual embodiment is upon you. This will take great courage to accept. You will not necessarily feel in control, or understand some of the changes in relationships and life circumstances that happen as a result of this greater divine presence manifesting within your being. These changes are manifesting, through the Mother’s grace, to allow for you to be free. Remember that freedom does not mean being alone. Freedom comes with a sense of living your destiny without obstruction. That will include having deep and connected relationships that feed and nourish the soul. Allow the Mother to flow into your heart and be with you as you trust in what is unfolding now, through her radiant grace.

Healing Process and Affirmation: You feel the dark earth beneath your feet and it feels solid and supportive. A warm breeze moves about your body and the light is golden. You sense Mother Mary standing beside you, dressed in red robes, flecked with gold. She smiles at you, as though you are her oldest friend, and passes you the edge of her thick cape. The cape is heavy and strong and as you hold it, the warm breeze turns into a strong wind. Together you run like children and leap into the air, lifted and free.

Stay with this sensation for as long as feels good for you. When you are ready, your feet gently touch the ground once more. The rich earth beneath your feet feels solid and supportive. Finish the healing process with this affirmation, say aloud, preferably three times.

“The Radiant Grace of the holy Mother Mary lives within my heart, freeing my body and soul to thrive. I open now to the fulfillment of my spiritual destiny, through her grace.”

Published by divinewarrioress

“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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