Sacred Mothers & Goddesses Oracle 7/27/2021

LALITA: Follow Your Bliss: Divine Mother Lalita, the beloved Hindu goddess, represents play, bliss, and love that is pure. She sets order to all creation and organizes karmic energies. Lalita trusted Destiny to make the final choice about whom she would marry. She tossed a garland of flowers into the air, and it landed on Lord Shiva. However, she consented to marry him only if she could remain independent.

Lalita was the leader of an army of female warriors, one of the most feared in the land. One day when they were under attack, she found all her soldiers asleep and they could not be woken. Lalita opened her mouth, not to screen, but to laugh, and it was then that she gave birth to the god Ganesh. He helped her break the spell that had caused her soldiers to sleep, and they won the battle.

Lalita desires perfect harmony and compassion amongst all human beings. To this end, she manifested the great saints who emerged from her fingertips to restore righteousness on Earth.

Lalita’s Message: Don’t compare yourself to the success and achievements of others. Awaken your Goddess-given talents and tap into that dream you have deep inside. Satisfy your passion for doing whatever calls and make you excited and joyful at the thought of it. Everything will come together if you do not compromise what you truly aspire to. Review the path you are on. Are you feeling stuck, complacent, or afraid to follow your highest excitement? Are you afraid you will fail or be criticized if you change direction? Remember, if you honor your authentic truth and do what brings you joy, you will excel at everything you do. Live in a way that amplifies the vibration within you, those around you and the planet.

Call on Lalita: When you need help to reach your highest potential; to help you stay true to your inner voice; for help in realigning with pleasure as part of your divine birthright.

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IXCHEL: Fertility and Healing: Mayan goddess of the moon, Ixchel, is a triple goddess. Her name comes from the Mayan works ix, which means “goddess of the feminine,” and chel, which means “light’. Ixchel is the goddess of the sacred light and is known as Lady of the Rainbow. She is the giver of water and rain.

Ixchel is a powerful healer. Her companion animal is the snake, which is associated with shamans, kundalini energy, intuition, medicine and other healing powers. She is also fertility goddess and patroness of midwives, doulas, and pregnant women. Ixchel is responsible for the gestation of the baby in the mother’s womb and decides the gender and birthdate. Mayans placed her image under the birthing bed.

Women were to make two pilgrimages in their lives to Ixchel’s home on Cozumel, an island in the Caribbean Sea. First with their mother and the second time with their daughters. Here, they would leave Ixchel offerings of food, flowers and pottery.

Ixchel’s Message: Connect with your feminine energy to develop your intuitive power for healing. Be open to the divine and sacred gift of energy and natural healing. Be open to the divine and sacred gift of energy and natural healing. The laying on of hands, reiki, energy medicine, chakra cleansing, whatever you choose to call it, connect to this energy to heal yourself and others. Practice and experience the magickal healing gift of plant medicine, essential oils, shamanic ceremonies, crystal and more.

Call on Ixchel: To aid fertility rites, pregnancies, births, adoptions, as well as metaphorical birth such as new ideas, ventures, or anything you are hoping to bring into your life; to help heal emotions, especially those to do with sexual trauma, infertility, miscarriage and abortion; for assistance with energy medicine and other holistic practices; to further develop intuition, especially through dreams.

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