GARNET: Purification and Detoxification: It’s time to release physical and energetic toxins from your life. This card probably validates what you’ve already been sensing: it’s time to release physical and energetic toxins from your life. In particular, this is a necessary change to support your health.

What the first thing that comes to mind to detox? Perhaps you have been receiving inner Divine guidance to enjoy a clean-energy diet or to abstain from chemicals. Or maybe you are feeling called to avoid harsh energy in relationships, on social media, in your daily activities or in the media. This is a supportive time for you to make this healthful shift. Reach out for qualified help if addictions are creating uncontrollable cravings.

Prayer can also help you purify your motivations and intentions so that they are inspired from your higher self instead of your ego. With higher-vibrational intentions, your manifestations will be more fulfilling and satisfying.

About Garnet: Although we think about garnets as being deep red, they actually come in a variety of colors. Derived from the Latin word for “seed”, referring to pomegranate seeds, garnet is actually the name for a family of gemstones, not just a single type. The most magnetic gemstone, garnet has long been used in support of detoxification and purification.

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MOONSTONE: Heightened Intuition: Be extra aware of your inner knowingness, as it’s trustworthy. You’re already highly intuitive, and this cards shows that your intuition is being taken to new levels. Be extra aware of your “Divine downloads,” which encompass strong feelings, clear realizations, a sense of knowing, visions, dreams, and signs. Keep your mind clear and sober so that you’ll notice your intuition.

In addition to noticing, trust the feelings and knowingness about the meaning of the message. The ego wants to second-guess your insights, but don’t ignore or override your first impressions. This isn’t a time for logic. It will all make sense soon.

This card can also signify that you’re extra sensitive to lunar phases, especially the full moon. You may wish to plan accordingly, such as easing your schedule during full moons. In addition, this may be a sign related to “feminine moon cycles.”

About Moonstone: This beautiful opalescent stone shimmers like moonbeams in white, pale blue and rainbow colors. Moonstone, like the moon itself, carries and supports Divine feminine sacred energies. It can amplify the effects of the full and new moons, and help with receptivity, nurturing, spiritual visions, and other feminine aspects.

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