Abundance Angels Oracle Reading, 6/24/2021

DECLUTTER: You’ll feel better and more focused if you’ll take the time to clear away clutter from your living and work space. Donate what you can to help others who may need your items. Be sure to keep your schedule uncluttered as well.

This card is a strong message to clear away the excess from your home, work environment and calendar. A cluttered space or schedule translates to a cluttered mind, and can prevent you from focusing. All too often we accumulate excess possessions. How much of your energy and attention is directed toward looking after your material belongings?

The Angels of Abundance encourage you to clear away the clutter in your life. Only keep those items that actively serve you or make you happy inn some way. If you are holding on to an item out of guilt, obligation, or habit, now it the time to get rid of it. This is especially true if the item reminds you of painful experiences.

Clutter can go beyond possessions as well, such as having false friends in your life who drain your resources or saying yes to too many appointments. If your surroundings or schedule is cluttered to the point where you cannot focus effectively, please ask God and your angels for inspiration on how to clean out the excess . . . and then follow their guidance without hesitation or delay.

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Cooperation Instead of Competition: What’s your is yours, and no one can take it from you. There’s no need to compete, as there’s an abundance for all. You have complete access to unlimited abundance for yourself and to share with others. With cooperative partnerships, you can accomplish anything!

The energy of competition is blocking your abundance, so the angels sent you this card to bring you awareness and help. Competition is based upon a “lack mentality,” which is an old energy believing that there’s not enough to go around. With lack mentality, you put a message out to the Universe that you must struggle to receive your “portion of the pie.” And so that struggle is what comes true for you.

The angels are guiding you to release beliefs in lack or competition. What’s yours is yours and no one can take it from you or beat you to it. Leave competitive energy for football game, and focus on cooperating with potential partners to collectively create projects and offer services to help the world. With a focus upon service and cooperation, instead of competition, abundance will naturally flow to you.

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