Mermaid Messages Oracle, 6/18/2021

PATIENCE: Practice patience. It’s helpful to let go of any expectations and surrender to life as it reveals itself. The reward of patience is patience! This mermaid is being patient. She trusts life and in the process of allowing her path to unfold in the most perfect way. So, she waits in the watery depths, knowing all is well and what is meant to be will be, at the right time. Yes, she has wishes and dreams, hope and fears, but she doesn’t allow them to interfere with the unfolding of her life, and this part of her experience means being patient.

Whatever it is you’re hoping for, it’s important to trust and practice patience at this time. You could try focusing on something else to distract your mind from any yearnings. Perhaps someone around you needs to be patient, or maybe they’re being inpatient with you? If the latter is the case, you need to clearly and lovingly tell them you can’t be rushed in the situation. Simply ask them to be patient with you.

When you’re able to practice patience, everything flows in a more natural and harmonious way. The pressure of expectations and hopes takes a back seat, allowing peace and space to prevail. If you’re feelings impatient, ask yourself why. Do you feel something will be taken away from you if whatever it is you’re waiting for doesn’t happen or appear quickly? If this is the case, know that what is meant for you won’t pass you by. This simple explanation, when deeply and fully understood, should set your mind at rest.

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GO WITH THE FLOW: Let go and go with the flow! You’ll get where you need to be when you surrender and trust in the natural flow of life. This mermaid wants you know that life can be more fun when you go with the flow. She’s allowing herself to be carried along by the currents of the sea. She has total trust in the ocean to take her to wherever her destiny may lead.

When we push against the flow, it can feel very tiring. This card tells us to simply surrender to the flow of life. It’s about trust, trusting in your destiny and knowing that everything happens at exactly the right time. So, try releasing any attachment to a particular outcome and allow life to take you in the right direction. Going with the flow means you spend less energy forcing things to happen. When we fully trust in our destiny, we know on a deeper level that what is meant for us won’t pass us by.

Is there a situation in your life in which things aren’t going as smoothly as you wish? If not yourself, then perhaps someone close to you is experiencing an uphill struggle, where every move they make has the opposite effect of what they wish to happen. If this rings true, then this card serves a s a reminder, telling you to surrender to the flow of life and allow all the pieces to float perfectly into place, without any struggle or force.

Whatever your query, the answer is simply to go with the flow. This doesn’t mean you’re giving up or are defeated, rather that your lack of resistance will bring you a sense of freedom and completion.

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