Crystal Angel Card Reading, 6/5/2021

AMETRINE: Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies: Allow your feminine side to creatively inspire you and your masculine side to give you confidence. This card comes up whenever you find yourself “stuck” in your masculine energy because of a competitive or stressful work or family situation. Perhaps you feel like you’ve had to do battle, or be extra vigilant. Yet, there’s a time to balance that masculine energy with the nurturing gentleness of your feminine energy.

Every person has both masculine and feminine energy within and balancing them is essential for health and effectiveness in life. The feminine energy receives Divinely inspired ideas and creative insights and the masculine energy puts these ideas into motion. Both are equally important as they are 50-50 partners.

Too much feminine energy can lead to passivity, where dreams aren’t acted upon and too much masculine energy can result in uninspired or aggressive action. Prayers can help you find your balance. Once you do, you’ll discover that your stress levels are reduced and you’ll be better able to relax when you get home from work.

About Ametrine: This beautiful purplish stone has the sunset colors of gold peeking out from it as it is a mixture of violet amethyst and yellow citrine. It’s because of this dual nature that ametrine is considered such a wonderful stone for balancing your masculine and feminine sides.

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FLUORITE: Natural Beauty and Authenticity: Be yourself, as God made you naturally attractive and lovable inside and out. This is a card about feeling comfortable and happy with your natural self. Perhaps you had been trying to conform to other’s expectations and lost yourself along the way. Now it’s time to be you – wonderful and amazing, as God created you.

This may involve you speaking more authentically from your heart and letting people know your real thoughts and feelings. You may detach from people-pleasing or worrying about other’s approval. You may be guided to be more real in your physical appearance, such as ditching hair dye or artificial tanning, eyelashes or fingernails. This is a sign of embracing and loving your true self and owning who you are.

This card may also be a signal to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle. For example, you might feel the urge to detox your diet and household supplies. You might also join an environmental organization or spend more time outdoors. It’s all about being more natural.

About Fluorite: Fluorite is so clear that it’s often used for scientific optic lenses. It comes in a variety of colors that all have different vibrations. Purple fluorite brings light beautifully through to enhance clairvoyance and spiritual understanding. The gorgeous colors of rainbow fluorite make it ideal for healing from psychic attack or from traumas that have shattered your faith. Green fluorite can help with intellectual activities and it’s also thought to support healthy skin.

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