My life feels like one day just flows into the next. I really need to change my energy and vibration, lifting me higher and not in a flat line existence. Let’s see if I am able to change this. Inner Child asks, “what do I get to do today?”. What new experiences can I look forward to? Well, I can look forward to selecting five necklaces of Mom’s to sell on Ebay. I can look forward to riding my recumbent bike to strengthen my knees and legs. I can look forward to eating healthier food as I continue to improve my health.

When I write “I can” it implies there is still a decision to be made. I can choose to look forward to doing something or not. My words, however, still haven’t convinced me that doing any of the things I might choose to do will make me look forward to doing them. I’m still not really looking forward with pleasure to do anything. What can I change to affect a change in how I feel?

I will re-think the words I’ve used to change and inspire me to take action. When I do this, “I can” is replaced by “I am”. I am looking forward to selecting five of Mom’s necklaces on Ebay. I am looking forward to riding my recumbent bike. I am looking forward to eating healthier food. “I am” improves the emotion behind the future action. My frame of mind improves, and I am more likely to do the things on my to-do list.

We often pay little attention to just how we think and what words we use in our mind-talk. We create our own resistance or reluctance to do things we need to do every day. When we choose to observe our thoughts and how they make us feel, we effectively improve what we think. Our improved thoughts give us access to better feeling emotions. When we feel better about what we need to do, our life improves.

We want our lives to work, to provide the emotions we want to feel and to go through each day in a better frame of mind. We want to feel good. Doing something as easy as changing a word or two creates a better feeling. Isn’t that what we all desire, to just feel better until we learn to create some really fantastic emotional responses to our life? Choose your words carefully as they do have power. What a difference between “I can” and “I am”. Just changing one word changes the whole emotional feeling. Amazing! So simple.

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