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Picture from A Blessing for Peace gathering.

My heart is breaking over two things this morning. The first is the image of two little girls on the news, who look to be about three and five years old. They are at the southern border of the U.S. Their mother left them alone, telling them that she was going to get them some treats. She never came back. On one level I understand why she brought them to the border, on another level, as a mother myself, how could she leave her precious little girls alone, unprotected? I want to drive to Texas, find them and hug them. What will happen to them and to all the other children who are now in the United States without a parent?

I worry about the children coming to the United states without a parent. What happens to them? Are decent homes found for them? Do they go to live with relatives until their parents get into the States? Or do they end up in horrible homes with people who just want the money the government pays them to take care of these children? Do they end up in child sex rings as playthings for men who use them for pleasure? Right now, all I can do is to pray for their safety.

The other issue is how little human life is valued over money and power. In many parts of the world, people are seen and used as tools and when they no longer have any usefulness, they are discarded or outright killed. The owner of a gas station once explained the greedy people to me when gasoline was $5.00 a gallon. He said, “They are very needy people. They need that new car. They need that mansion in the ritzy neighborhood. They need the power that money provides them.” I understand this logic very well. What I don’t understand is how people can live with themselves after committing atrocious crimes to get what they “need”.

There is seemingly no end to these problems. They have been happening through the long years of man’s habitation on planet Earth. Greed and power are the motivation for many wars and continuing conflicts around the world. I keep expecting and hoping things will change yet they don’t. All of our technological advancements are for naught if we persist in placing material things above human life.

When our physical life on earth is done, none of the accumulated material wealth we have worked so hard for goes with us. Not even that perfect body follows us into the afterlife. What we do carry with us are our memories, how much love we shared, how kind we were to others and how much we grew as spiritual beings. Nothing else matters in the greater scheme of things.

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