Crystal Angel Oracle, 3/12/2021

Dolomite: It is important that you keep your thoughts positive at this time. Your thoughts are creating your future. Keep strengthening your faith in your inner guidance. Any judgment of yourself or others at this time blocks your ability to move forward. To aid in keeping your faith and emotions on a positive track, spend time in nature for the relaxing and uplifting energy. Listening to music that sets your soul free and spending time with people whose energy aligns with heart-centered emotional support with be of great benefit to you. The outcome you are seeking is dependent on you keeping a positive mindset. Making a choice to keep your surroundings as uplifting as possible brings in the energy of Divine Feminine strength.

Dolomite is particularly supportive of feminine energy and health.  

Apatite: There is no need to worry about being perfect. If you are holding perfectionistic judgments about yourself, you are blocking your progress. Cease worrying that your work isn’t good enough or that you won’t receive what you need. God and your guardian angels are reassuring you that you are spiritually perfect as you are. Place your focus on the progress you have made and acknowledge your successes. Don’t be so hard on yourself. There is no need to judge or be critical of yourself. Stay away from people who are critical and judgmental. You deserve to be around those who do support and encourage you on all levels.

Apatite can be used to create healthy and honest communication within relationships. It’s also helpful for Divine communication and receiving insights.

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