March 8, 2021: A friend of mine is dying today. She has lost her battle with lung cancer as her heart has now shut down. I’ve known her and her husband for over 33 years. They are both some of the most caring and wonderful people I have ever met. I know she will be missed by everyone who has had the pleasure to know her.

I am trying to make sense of this, trying my best to balance my grief with the knowing she is returning to her Creator. She is going home and will be met by  angels waiting to escort her through the last part of her journey. I am trying to find comfort in the fact that her ordeal is over. Cancer no longer has her life in its clutches. Her soul is free to walk with the crowd of angels who love her.

The experience of death is unique to each person who passes from this life to the next great adventure of their soul. I have been at the bedside of two people as they passed from this dimension. The first was my mom’s husband. An undetected tumor the size of a grapefruit burst in his abdomen. My mother and I were with him when he died but we weren’t the only ones in the room. There were also three angels, two for him to guide him safely home and one for my mom to help her get through her grief.

The second person was my first husband. We had been divorced about twenty years when alcoholism ended his life. Our son and I were in his hospital room where he was under heavy sedation as his liver and kidneys were shutting down. He had been such a womanizer that I always thought some irate husband would shoot him for fooling around with his wife.

My son had stepped over to the window to open it a bit. I was talking to my ex in my mind, telling him that it was okay if he was ready to go. About twenty minutes later he peacefully passed away. My son and I were at this side as his breathing slowed. A nurse-nun came into the room and asked if she could say a prayer for him. Of course, we said yes. There were angels in that hospital room also. Later, on my way home I stopped at a bar that he and I used to drink at. I ordered a tall bourbon seven, wished him a safe journey, drank  the drink and went home.

Death does not scare me. Sure, I can say that now, but how will I feel when it’s my time to move on to the next part of my soul’s journey? I’ll have to wait until it is my time because none of us gets out of this life alive. Or do we? Our body may no longer function, but I believe that our soul, that part of us never dies or ceases to exist, returns to our Creator.

There are many souls choosing to leave this  planet during this time of chaos, governmental manipulation and control and massive uncertainty. Bless your friends and family as they cross over. Their lives are done here on Earth, but we still have to carry on without them. We will remember them in our prayers and thoughts, but their absence will be a hole we fill with good memories of them.

“Farewell, dear friend, and travel well into the unknown, in which you will rest, until it is time to come again into life, after life, after life. Drink from the grail now, and know you are eternal. You are nearly there, beloved. Walk now, into grace, and be most blessed as you take the first steps into the Great Mystery.”

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