Crystal Angel Oracle Reading, 2/27/2021

TOPAZ:  Forgiveness heals. Time to release repressed anger as it’s blocking your health and happiness. Forgiveness has little to do with someone else as much as it has to do with you. Carrying the burden of resentment suppresses your immune system as well as your emotional energy. The act of forgiving another person for a perceived act against you does not mean you excuse, accept or condone their action. If you walked up to them and told them you forgive them, they would most likely ask “for what?”.

Forgiveness is something you do for yourself. Once you release the anger, resentment, shame and pain, your heart relaxes. Relief flows into your solar plexus. You lose the desire to keep replaying the event over and over in your mind. Your emotional energy is available to work on creating your dreams and desires.

Topaz offers a gentle, soothing energy, supportive of clearing your mind and heart of chaotic energy. This crystal can help you forgive and release anything that’s been distracting or dulling you.  

OPAL: Let yourself sparkle and shine. You are guided to be bold and show your bigger-than-life side to the world. Your true personality needs expression. Cease to worry that you are too much or too different. Do you and watch what happens. You are loved for your nonconformity as it opens space for others to be their true selves.

Take healthy action in a relationship where repressed anger and resentment have damaged the friendship and romance. Seek marital counseling or mediation to help bring in healing and resolution. Forgiveness is required in this situation.

Opal can amplify hidden wishes and feelings as well as your intentions for manifesting.

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