Removing the Programming, Part 5

Returning to the One, Part 9

The Lesson of Judgment

Everyone has a personal opinion. Our likes and dislikes enable us to set boundaries for ourselves as to what we want to experience on a daily basis. Our emotions guide us to make good choices for our life. We are less likely to want to experience something again once it has made a bad impression on us. If we enjoy something, we are more likely to want to do it again. These are choices we make based on our personal preferences. These opinions work for us as they belong to us.

When we make a judgment about another person, how they behave, what they look like, the clothes they wear, color of their skin, their religion, these opinions work against us. These types of judgments often have a basis on the opinions of others we have accepted as true. They actually communicate more about us as a person than the actions of other people. Our evaluation of something that annoys us and to constantly criticize it keeps us in lower vibrational energy.

A highly judgmental person is rarely a happy one.  The constant focus on what bothers them keeps them from seeing what they do enjoy. At some point they feel they have the moral authority to condemn anything and anyone they disapprove of. This leads to openly criticizing what they reject personally. They simply cannot allow for the possibility that whatever infuriates them might be perfect for the other person.

The many aspects of judgement replaced by positive traits guides us to a happier perspective on life. Below is a list of words associated with judgement and acceptance. Judgmental terms and feelings can be replaced with the more positive emotions of acceptance.

JUDGMENTAL                                       ACCEPTANCE

Cruelty                                                       Compassion

Disapproving                                             Understanding

Blame                                                         Forgiveness

Self-righteous                                            Humbleness

Rejection                                                    Endorsement

Condemnation                                           Support

Criticize                                                      Compliment

We also judge ourselves by comparison to someone else. Disapproving, blame and rejection of our own self leads us down a road of condemnation that serves no purpose. Life is difficult enough at times and when we judge our actions, feelings or beliefs against another person, we experience self-induced despair and misery. When we grow in acceptance of who we are with a dedication to self-improvement, we let go of our judgmental inclinations.

We are unique, as are all other people. We are each here to experience life in a way that supports our spiritual growth. Personal happiness is how we measure how well we are doing in dealing with our lessons. How someone else chooses to experience their life is really none of our business. Unless they are doing physical or emotional harm to somebody, adopting an attitude of live and let live is a wiser course of action.

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