The Lesson of Anger

Anger has been my downfall through the years. From the incident with the push broom to the last argument with my husband, this emotion conquers my wiser side and I get into trouble. I change into a fire breathing dragon and all hell breaks loose! The last time I was in a rage, I got physically hurt.  I slammed my middle finger of my right hand in the bedroom door. I was so angry I had no sense of where my body was and my finger was in the way of the door. I broke my finger and severely cut it. This taught me the lesson that cured my anger, and I will never forget. The upside is I went around for about eight weeks flipping people off as my finger was in a splint. When I told my story, the lesson was obvious to everyone. Don’t let anger overcome your emotional self-control.

I went through a period of time when everything seemed to trigger me. If I dropped a pen and tried to pick it up unsuccessfully three or four times, frustration would flood my body. Immediately I felt angry. This lesson successfully persisted in aggravating me many times over the course of several months. When I began to be aware of the lesson as it was happening, my reaction began to quickly improve. This lesson usually occurred when I was extremely tired. I fell for it so many times, I lost count. I would feel that I had learned the lesson as small things no longer made me mad. Then, out of the blue, when I was tired, the lesson would strike. Of course, I reacted with frustration!

Knowing that this lesson still comes around so I can show my mastery over it, I prepare for it in advance. Once I feel myself moving into fatigue, I call up more protection around me in the form of white light. I breathe and relax, centering myself in my heart chakra. From there I can deal with anything this lesson might throw at me.

When you keep experiencing incidents that continuously trigger you in some negative way, the Universe is trying to get your attention. The Universe places you in situations designed to evoke the negative reaction from you. The longer you  take recognizing this repeated scenario, the longer it takes you to resolve this challenge. When you get the to point where you see the lesson as it is happening and laugh at it, you are on your way to mastering it.

Some lessons are obvious whereas others are are deep-seated and harder to recognize. Your life experience lessons are not an indication that you are unwise. They are challenges you set up to help yourself grow as a spiritual being. Life on earth is one big school. The curriculum in our life differs from that of someone else. Growth is an individual process, and we all go through it in our own way and in our own time.

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