Removing the Programming Part 3

Forgiveness is an act of kindness you do for yourself. When you forgive another person for any perceived act against you, you release the burden of whatever negative emotion you are carrying for them. The weight of your anger, hatred, desire for revenge, judgement, and more depresses your vibrational energy. You feel out of balance, lacking motivation, chronic insomnia and extreme tiredness. This extra weight you carry only affects you. They have no idea of how you feel, and it doesn’t bother them at all.

When I began my declarations of forgiveness, the more recent incidents were the ones I forgave first. I forgave my husband for not liking who he had helped to create, me. I forgave myself for getting into a work situation that sucked me dry of joy, inspiration and passion. I forgave myself for becoming a person I could no longer like. I forgave my husband for the same thing. I forgave him for all the times he yelled at me out of the blue, insinuating that his life was ruined because of me. I forgave his anger, his attempts to control me, I forgave his lack of regret for his actions and complete lack of apologies.

I forgave past friends, lovers, bad bosses, family members and co-workers. I spent time looking back through my life, looking for the situations that still gave me angst. There were circumstances of my own doing that I forgave myself for. Forgiveness is not an easy process to work through. It can’t be done all at once.  It takes time. The more I forgave, the more my heart slowly healed.

Words of forgiveness should be spoken out loud for added effectiveness. They need to be spoken with sincerity  and compassion. 

It is a simple declaration: (fill in the spaces)

I forgive (whoever) for their actions (what they did) to me. I also forgive myself for any part that I played in this interaction with them. May all involved receive peace in their heart from my act of forgiveness.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you’re endorsing the negative behavior. It simply means that you’re unwilling to store the toxic burden of anger within you.

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