Intuitive Valentine’s Day Message 2/14/2021

Intuitive Lover’s Oracle, Valentine’s Day 2/14/2021

The Angels come today to share this message, only time will tell. Love doesn’t happen in an instance. Love develops over time, through trial and error as we get to know another person on a more intimate level. It is in the getting to know someone that we develop good or bad feelings for them. We learn about them as we share common threads of existence in our lives. We watch them as they handle day to day frustrations and moments of happiness. If there are enough good connections, love grows. If there are few over-lapping places of agreement, love does not evolve.

When we learn to trust the information that comes directly from our heart, we realize that our heart is always right. The Angels encourage you to listen to your heart and not that of the ego mind. The ego will tell you anything to keep your focus on what it tells you. The ego is very self-serving. Any information that comes through the ego mind is not to be taken seriously. The heart knows what you desire. It is through your heart that the real love you seek will reveal itself. Ask your heart, the answer is there, and you will feel the truth of it.

Humans desire to feel physically close to their loved one but this can lead to co-dependency. When too much emphasis is placed on the wanting to always be with the other person, the needy person places all the responsibility on their loved one to fill the emptiness inside them. Lovers require time away from each other to process the relationship. Each person has a life of their own that requires their attention. Separation  builds anticipation of spending time together again. If you always had ice cream, it would soon lose its specialness. Romantic relationships are the same. Allowing space between the two of you creates a strong desire to be together again.

Challenging circumstances can suck the joy right out of you. When tough times require you to suck it up and just deal with things that are out of your control, you can still choose how you feel. When faced with difficult circumstances, you get to decide how you will handle them. You can wallow in your own misery or realize that you are stronger than you think. Control of your emotions and what you decide to focus on will help you immensely. When you consciously look for what it still good in your life, a chain reaction activates. Noticing one good thing leads to finding another thing to find joy in. Work to improve your life without making the problem all you see around you. You deserve all the joy you can find in your life. Sharing it with others makes it multiply in ever increasing circles.

May you be blessed with all forms of Love, not just today but every day. Love is always with you. It resides in your heart where you are never without it.

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