Daily Oracle: Early Valentine Reading 2/13/2021

The Romance Angels wanted to share information with you today so here it is: the first message is to Free Yourself. If you have given up control of your life to another, it’s time to set some new boundaries. Don’t be a doormat, stand up for yourself in a relationship. You will learn the truth about it by the reaction of the other person.

Engagement has a variety of meanings. It can mean a more serious commitment with your significant other is coming. The Romance Angels might be lining up a romantic encounter for the two of you. Your love life is moving forward in a good direction. Expect a good outcome.

If you have been wondering if someone is your soul mate, consult and trust your heart for the answer. With a soul mate, everything just seems to come together. It’s easy and fun sharing the same interests. Go with the flow and enjoy!

Allow your flirtatious side to come out and play. If there is someone who seems to have an interest in you, flirt with them a bit. If they flirt back, the interest is definitely there. Keep your energy light and revel in the experience. The other person will appreciate your actions towards them.

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Tomorrow I will be posting a special message

from the Lover’s Oracle deck.

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