Oracle Card Reading, 2/12/2021


Divine Healers are around you to assist you to work through some aspects of your shadow side. These aspects keep you from experiencing true joy, love and peace in your life. If you are feeling angry with the actions of certain groups of people, understand that each one of them is following their life plan. They are providing a lesson for you to channel your anger, to use this energy in a productive manner not a destructive one. Resentment often accompanies anger. Forgiveness, not revenge, will heal this dark aspect within you. Forgiveness is an act you do for yourself, not the one who has offended you in some way. The healing of your heart will be accelerated through the act of forgiving someone.

Your Healer Guides come today to support you with beneficial energies. The loss you feel whether it is a recent one or one from your past, has caused you to close your heart from the pain you feel. The problem with this is that it also closes off your heart to any joy and love in your life. The experience of losing a loved one, a satisfying job or a relationship you cherished is a reminder that everything has a beginning and an ending. Nothing is meant to last beyond its time. Fill the emptiness with good memories. Realize that you will survive. The pain you feel will slowly diminish and you will return to the land of the living, finding joy once more.

The Divine Mother is guiding you to a new way to experience your life. She reminds you that you are her beloved son or daughter, and She is always with you. The Divine Feminine energy is flowing into your life, bringing fresh  imaginative vitality to your creative projects. The Divine Mother loosens any stagnant or blocked energies to get your creative juices flowing again. Surrender your mind and allow your soul to embrace her powerful influence. Call on her when you feel empty of ideas and listen for her answer.

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