Returning to the One, Part 4


Moving into the back two rooms of the house began a difficult time. Her whole life was completely shattered by those four words, I don’t like you. The process of picking up all the pieces and rebuilding herself required deep introspection. Searching out the truth was a painful endeavor. She was also healing from the emotional trauma of being told by her husband that he didn’t like her. On top of that, the reality of her not liking who she had become placed her in an uncomfortable position of reviewing the past twenty-five years.

Healing the emotional trauma was the first step to reinventing herself. Everything she had believed to be the truth lay on the ground before her. As she viewed the bits and pieces of herself, she realized there were still a few viable parts. Those pieces of herself became the foundation for the person she would be creating as she healed.

One thing about being completely shattered, she got to rebuild everything in her image. The life that she lives, who she chose to become, discovery of personal truths that all contributed to the person she wanted to be. Everything that she had been told her whole life was discarded and no longer needed. She was finally free to create her life in her whole existence in her image.

Healing and recreating herself was difficult but there was no other choice for her. She would never go back to the way she had been living. There were many lessons to learn as she processed what had happened. Forgiveness, non-judgement, anger management were all part of what she had to go through. The development of herself as a spiritual being took time as some lessons needed to be repeated many times before she finally internalized each one.

After about three years, she realized that she had overcome her life-shattering experience. She now recognized the woman in her mirror that looked back at her with pride. Her personal growth had been an inside job. Through the whole process, one of the most valuable insights she had gained was that everything she needed was already within her.

Love, inner-peace, happiness all existed within her heart. Looking for all of these emotions outside of herself was no longer a worthwhile endeavor. She had made peace with herself and the opinions of anyone else no longer had any validity. She had freed herself and learned to live from her heart. She knew she was a divine being, a sovereign soul on a human journey. With so much more to learn and experience, she embraced her life whole-heartedly.

(The next part of this journey is FINDING MY WAY, a deeper examination of how I over-came and learned my lessons. Coming soon!)

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