Insights & Downloads 1/27/2021

It’s hard to locate meaningful cards for Insights and Downloads. These two were the closest I could find to fit the message.


This morning when I asked my spiritual team how I could be of service today, the answer was “be authentic and come from your heart”. I realized that this message applied to each one of us who is already in service to the Greater Collective and for those who are just waking up, hearing the Call for the first time.

What does it mean to be authentic? When you realize that who think you are is not truly who you are, you begin to search for your authentic self. The materiality of the world we live in wants us to believe that we are something external from us. Our job, our gender, our lifestyle, our place in society is not who we are. Our authentic self exists within us under layers of societal programming.

In the examination of our personal belief systems, our authentic self is defined. What we accept as true may not be the truth. It might have been true for the person who first told us the information. When we examine a particular fact, we discover that it isn’t true for us. The more we investigate what we believe, the more we uncover our authentic self.

Locating your true self buried under too many ideas of control placed on you by those who needed to control you, requires dedication and inner work. It is well worth the journey to discover who you are. The rewards bring more confidence, joy and peace into your life.

Coming from your heart is accessible through living your authentic self. When you know who you are, moving from a mind-centered life to a heart centered life becomes easier. Your authentic self dwells within your heart where the truth of all is known. The acceptance of who you are provides you with the knowledge that we are all more alike than not. Knowing this assists you in accepting others for who they are within and not the person they show to the world.

Compassion, acceptance, non-judgement, a willingness to live and let live, as long as no harm is being done by someone to another being, are all part of coming from your heart. We are not here to control others to make us feel better. Each one of us is part of the divine plan with our own personal agenda to help us grow as a spiritual being. Live who you are and allow others to do the same. Fill your heart with love and share it with everyone. This is living through your heart.

IN SERVICE: (something I choose to do. I am not forced to do anything.)

This message is also a reminder that even on a stormy day with massive amounts of rain and gale-force winds, serving the Collective is possible. My choice to stay indoors and off the roads today does not stop me from providing service. There are many actions I can take from my sanctuary, both in my sacred space and in my heart.

I can offer up prayers of safety for everyone who cannot stay home, prayers of protection for homes and property, prayers for the animals to find shelter to wait out the storm, prayers for first responders to be protected as they perform their jobs. This list is endless.

In meditation, shielding energy domes placed over flood-prone areas offer protection for people who live there. Soothing energy sent to senior living facilities will ease the fears of the elderly. Archangels are called in for protection and healing assist everyone throughout this day.

Connecting with friends, checking to see how they are during the storm is an act of love. This is how I view my service to the Collective. I call them “Intentional Acts of Love”.

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